Not speaking up enough amongst top wedding day stresses

Not speaking up enough on their big day has been revealed as one of the top regrets of brides on their wedding day.

The issue was raised in an article on this week, where five brides were asked to reveal five things they would change about their big day.

Talking to the site about the problem, one bride, Kelleigh, 29, said: “I hate the way my wedding photos turned out. Even that day, I didn’t like what our photographer was asking us to do or the poses he was instructing us into – but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to cause a scene or act like a bridezilla.”

She continued: “Now, though, I wish like hell that I’d said something because I can’t believe how bad the photos turned out.”

Other regrets included letting the wedding stress take over, drinking too much alcohol and not eating enough food.

Those who don’t want to have any regrets may want to read an article published on this week, which gave advice for a great wedding day.

The recommendations included spending the cocktail hour with guests rather than making a big entrance, dancing to an upbeat number and hiring a live performer to add to the level of excitement.