Number 57 bus for Devon bride

Although many brides hire a luxury car to get to the ceremony or wedding reception venue, for one, catching the local bus was fancy enough.

According to BBC News, 25-year-old Eve Lewis decided to hop on the number 57 bus that stops right outside her home in Devon, catching the 14:08 service.

She didn’t take the journey alone however; her father, Ceri and give bridesmaids hopped on too – all giving the correct fare upon embarkation. Lewis said she just wasn’t prepared to fork out hundreds for a car, so decided bus was the way to go.

“Hiring a car was expensive. So I thought ‘Why not get the bus?'” she told Mikey, her husband, wasn’t so sure about the idea though.

“Mikey was cringing,” the blushing bride admitted. “He thinks everybody will think we’re tight. I told him it’s not about the money. It’s about the fun side and having something to tell our grandkids. He saw the funny side in the end.”

Mother-of-the-bride, Trish, was a little more receptive than the groom. She said it was something “a little different” and called it “such fun”.

Although the bus worked well for the bride, the betrothed couple decided to up the ante for their honeymoon; hopping on an aeroplane to Marrakech after their reception.