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Number of hospitality jobs on offer rises

The volume of hospitality jobs on offer in the UK has risen by seven per cent over the past 12 months, a report from reveals.

The Hospitality Employment Index found that 45,000 new hospitality jobs were created in quarter two of 2013 and around 950,000 applications were made during the same period.

Plus, the total number of jobs on offer this year represents a 38 per cent rise on 2009’s figures – showing a promising future for Britain’s hospitality industry. reports that the South East and London continue to boast the lion’s share of these roles, making competition rife in this area.

In fact, 34 people (on average) apply for each hospitality role that pops up in the English capital, confirmed.

The chief executive of the British Hospitality Association, Ufi Ibrahim, welcomed the news in a statement: “Few industries can match the power of hospitality to generate jobs across the entire UK. Whether in remote villages, coastal towns, northern cities, southern resorts or London, hospitality accounts for more than five per cent of total employment.”

Although recruitment expert Brian Wisdom also seemed to welcome the news, he did warn that it is important hospitality businesses ensure that they are attracting the “right” people into the sector. They need to be of a good quality and be offered ongoing incentives to stay within the industry, he concluded.