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O2 confirms launch date of free Wi-Fi service on London Underground

O2 has confirmed that its customers will be able to access free Wi-Fi services whilst travelling through the London Underground from 22 July.

The mobile operator had told thenextweb.com back in April that a free service would be available by June, utilising the network installed by Virgin Media in preparation for the London Olympics last year.

However, the plans showed few signs of coming into fruition as last month came and went.

Finally a spokesperson from the company has told v3.co.uk that its engineers are putting the final touches on a free Underground network.

The representative claimed the connection would go through a series of tests between now and its official launch on 22 July to ensure the service is fully operational.

This will run through popular stations such as Piccadilly Circus and Kings Cross St Pt Pancras, providing a speedy connection to O2 customers such as regular commuters and those travelling to conference centres around the capital.

Any O2 customer who is also signed up to its Wi-Fi service will receive the connection automatically, with no account set-up required. 

The operator joins EE and Vodafone in rolling out the Underground connection to its customers, but those on Three are still without this service.