Olympic legacy will become reality, claims London Mayor

London mayor Boris Johnson is absolutely positive that the capital’s Olympic event spaces will deliver the “legacy” that is so often spoke of.

At a press conference on the matter, Mr Johnson estimated that around nine million people will come to see the Olympic Park and its venues every year, citmagazine.com reports.

He also said it is likely to become one of London’s top ten must-see sights, alongside such other treasures as Buckingham Palace, Downing Street and Westminster’s Big Ben.

Mr Johnson suggested that the early successes of the Games prove that legacy is possible: “We have shown that we can finish a major project on time and under budget, that we can move an unprecedented number of people around the city safely and we can put on the greatest show on earth.”

London is already in a better position at this stage then most other host countries, he continued. Six out of the eight Olympic venues have already secured a future, while there are ongoing bids coming in for the Olympic Stadium and the Press and Broadcast Centre.

The future of London’s infrastructure was also discussed at the press conference, says cnplus.co.uk. On this topic, Mr Johnson talked up the necessity of the Crossrail 2 project, which would connect Hackney and Chelsea by rail.

“Crossrail 2 is in my view indispensable for the future of the city,” he concluded.