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Olympic Park to host annual sports disability event

The London Legacy Development Corporation has promised to invest £2 million into the Olympic Park to create an annual festival that will celebrate disabled Sport.

It is all part of their plan to create a sporting legacy in London after the Games have ended and will help provide new sporting, leisure and employment opportunities for the area.

New homes, public and event spaces and sporting venues will all be created on the Queen Elizabeth Park site and more sports for disabled people will be introduced including wheelchair basketball, and goalball.

Daniel Moyan, chairman of the London Legacy Development Corporation told itv.com: “This has been the most successful Paralympics in the history of the Games.”

“Thousands of people will be inspired to get involved in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and we want to make sure there are opportunities for everyone.”

London Mayor Boris Johnson also said that the Paralympics had ‘captured the hearts and minds’ of people in the UK and that the event had given the nation heroes they could look up to. He also added that he was glad the park would continue to be used now the Games are over.

The Park will see a staggered re-opening, with each part being opened in stages. The site will begin opening on 27 July of next year with the final section being opened in spring 2014.