Olympics commission says no to covered seating

A spokesman for the London co-ordination commission for the Olympic Games has confirmed that covered seating was foregone in a bid to help the event’s budget.

In a statement, Denis Oswald – the IOC chairman for the commission – confirmed: “If the weather is not too nice, the people will be wet.

“We have accepted it as a way of contributing to the budget. If they do it for one they will have to do it for all, including the cycling grandstand, and it would be a rather big commitment,” Oswald added. His comments might encourage those thinking of buying tickets through the re-sale plan to check out venues for hire instead; perhaps inviting friends to watch their favourite events in comfort.

What’s more, as Independent.co.uk revealed that for big events, fewer tickets will be available for big events, holding a private party might be better idea anyway. For example, it confirmed that only 29,000 tickets would be provided to the public for the 100-metre final.

The battle for covered seats has been one long fought by Oswald, who had been campaigning for over one year to get such seating provided at the beach volleyball, canoe slalom, triathlon, hockey, canoe spring and equestrian venues. However, it seems he has been unsuccessful and hasn’t yet been able to confirm if umbrellas will be allowed into the stadium either.