Olympics could make sensational return to London

The 2016 Olympics could be uprooted and moved to London, according to secretive talks being held by the organising committee, the IOC.  

Numerous reports and investigations have come to the conclusion that preparations in Brazil are reaching worrying levels. One visit even prompted IOC vice president, John Coates, to claim the preparations were ‘the worst’ he had ever seen, telegraph.co.uk reports.     

With just two years to go before the event gets underway, only ten per cent of the required work has actually been completed. At the same point in their respective schedules, Athens had managed to finish 40 per cent, whilst London achieved closer to 60 per cent.

All this has prompted the IOC to seriously consider a ‘Plan B’, just in case the Games in Brazil simply don’t have enough resources in place to go ahead. The frontrunner for this is to simply move the Games back to London, as it still has many of the venues in place and unchanged from 2012. Not only that, the resounding success of London means that few would argue with the Games making a short notice return to the capital.

It could also provide a huge, unprecedented boost for British companies, as the Olympics brings with it huge business benefits, alongside the sporting events.

A source told standard.co.uk of the situation: “The IOC is thinking: ‘What is our Plan B?’

“Obviously, the answer would be to come back to London. It’s very unlikely but it would be the logical thing to do.”