Olympics test events helping organisers plan ahead

The test events being held ahead of this summer’s Olympic Games are proving to be helpful for organisers; giving them the chance to anticipate and mitigate any issues that might arise.

According to Event Industry News, the 30 or so text events that have thus far been held have been “invaluable” to organisers. Tweaking the event spaces involved in the Games will hopefully help the real thing operate as smoothly as possible and give all athletes the best possible shot at winning their race.

“The reason that we run these events is to make sure that we get it right at Games time,” the Games’ director of sport, Debbie Jevans, explained. She also gave an insight into the type of information these events provide. For example, after a test event on the BMX track, she realised some adjustments had to be made.

“The feedback we had from the athletes [about the BMX track] was that, with the headwinds, certainly for the women the first jump was too tough. So what we’ve done is we have reconfigured that track… So that was an incredibly important event for us and that work is going on now,” Jevans confirmed on Reuters.com.

In fact, many of the changes have been made with the athletes in mind – such as the alterations made to the basketball arena. Jevans added that the PA systems used in this arena were upgraded upon hearing that participants found it hard to hear what was being broadcast.