Olympics transport director: "London won't be busy everywhere"

The director of transport for the Olympics, Mark Evers, has assured commuters that London will not be busy in all areas.

As the Olympics draws closer, those attending conference centres for work over summer could be forgiven for suggesting that travelling through London will be hard to negotiate, as the capital looks to house over five million extra tourists.

However, Evers has said: “It won’t be busy everywhere and where it is busy will change at different times.”

Talking to eventmagazine.co.uk, Mr Evers told motorists to check their routes for traffic as normal, saying: “You need to look at what the road network is going to be like in your local area on any given day, because getting to your events on one day of the games will be completely different from the next day.”

Reassurance was also handed to tube travellers, with Mr Evers dismissing rumours about heavy delays, stating: “London doesn’t work that way. It’s very different from other games where they have had all the accommodation and venues in one area and everyone has to get on the one train to get somewhere.”

Listing statistics as part of his speech at The Guide Live event, the transport head claimed that 65 per cent of tube stations will experience no problems with service whatsoever, also going on to suggest that most roads.

The comments coincide with others made this week by London 2012 organisers, cited by telegraph.co.uk, which state that failure to deliver on transport in the opening week has not been considered as an option.