One in ten admit regretting something they do at the Christmas party

New research has revealed that ten per cent of workers regret doing something at the workplace Christmas party, reports

The research, conducted by, questioned 1,500 employees in the UK about their office parties – which take place at event venues around the nation.

Top regrets included “ranting” at a fellow employee, spreading office gossip and getting overly familiar with co-workers.

As well as having consequences for employees, the data also revealed the annual festive celebration affects the productivity of businesses. It claims that UK companies lose £259 million in lost productivity the day after an office Christmas party, with 37 per cent arriving hungover or late and another 16 per cent calling in sick or not performing to their full potential.

A third of employees, however, take a day off as holiday to avoid these types of situations.

Employees were right to worry about locking lips with a co-worker, as more research on office Christmas parties revealed today found that one in ten workers had faced disciplinary action for romantic activity during their work celebrations.

The research, collected by dating website, surveyed 4,800 male and female workers.

Founder of the website Noel Biderman told “These parties offer an informal atmosphere, and when mixed with alcohol and pent-up sexual tensions between two colleagues, it’s a recipe for disaster.”