'One More Journey' allows Londoners low on cash to catch the bus

People travelling around in London can make ‘One More Journey’ on the bus, even if they can’t afford to pay the full fare.

The new scheme allows people with an Oyster card to make an emergency journey if need be. Once it is activated, an emergency fare advice slip is issued to the let the person know One More Journey is now activated. The credit on the card will become negative, so the person will only be charged once they top up their card again, reports standard.co.uk.

Transport for London (TfL) originally planned to launch the scheme in July, but it was pushed forward because its trial was so successful. Mike Weston, TfL director of buses, says customers and drivers alike responded positively to the scheme during the trial.

“Introducing this facility is the first of many steps we are taking to ensure a smooth transition to cash free bus travel from July 6 when passengers will benefit from quicker boarding and the guarantee of always paying the cheapest fare for their journey by paying with an Oyster or contactless payment card,” he explains.

Despite its success so far, there are concerns that people needing more than one bus to get home will still be left stranded. TfL notes that it will be adding more top-up points to solve this issue, especially in the outskirts of London, where they might be harder to find, reports london24.com.