Only 18 per cent of brides wouldn't change a thing about their wedding day

Just 18 per cent of brides are completely happy with how their wedding day went, a new survey from reveals.

According to, 32 per cent of brides now “cringe” at their wedding dress choice and a quarter are unhappy with their ring. Furthermore, 18 per cent would change their ring if they thought their partner wouldn’t mind. Just under a third think they should have spent more on their wedding ring, since they have to wear it for the rest of their lives.

However, the biggest regret by far is the best man’s speech; a whopping 52 per cent of brides say that if they could go back in time they’d edit out some of the more inappropriate jokes. A further 12 per cent would change their father’s speech too.

Vashi Dominguez, founder of, advises all women getting married to think hard about their choice of wedding ring, because they probably won’t be able to change it later down the line.

“Most of us only marry once in our lives – why cut corners and skimp on costs?” he asks. “What seems to be really expensive today will be like a drop in the ocean in ten years’ time. We see women every day buying very expensive diamond rings because they don’t like their engagement rings.”

It seems that brides may want to think hard about all aspects of their big day, as other common regrets include: the wedding photos, music choices and the honeymoon destination, reports