Organisation the key to effective meetings, claims experts

By organising a meeting properly, meetings don’t have to be ‘terrible things’, according to an article by Walter Glenn on

Meetings can be useful and inspire productivity in workers as long as the organiser is willing to impose some constraints, claims Glenn, such as limiting meetings to a mere 22 minutes. By shortening the length of meetings, organisers can stick to agendas and keep meetings from becoming a ‘time-sink’.

A poll on the site suggests around 84 per cent of respondents prefer meetings which last less than one hour, which could help leaders attempting to organise a project meeting, for instance.

Furthermore, meeting expert Adam Dachis believes that all meetings need to have an agenda otherwise they can turn into social gatherings rather than work sessions. Dachis believes all attendees should leave a conference space with something to in mind to achieve.

“Attendees should walk away with concrete next steps or Action Items. We love Action Items here, but we’re not the only ones,” he said. “From Apple to the Toastmasters, the world’s most successful organisations demand that attendees leave meetings with actionable tasks.”

Meetings should also have a set end time lest they wander into endless chatter and off-topic conversation. Additionally, don’t be afraid to end meetings early, suggests