Organise the Christmas party early, writes expert

With only three months to go until Christmas, it is absolutely essential that firms have already located a venue for the corporate Christmas party.

That’s according to expert journalist Louise Cashell at the Cork Independent, who believes that booking as soon as possible will reduce any tears come Christmas time when all the local venues are fully booked.

“At this stage it’s absolutely vital for you to have booked the venue for your party,” she writes. “You would be surprised how far in advance different workplaces book their spot for their Christmas party and there’s the possibility on missing out on your venue of choice if you don’t book it straight away.”

The Manchester Evening News agrees with Cashell’s sentiments, noting that venue bookings for Christmas parties have been booked as early as the beginning of last month.

In addition, Cashell highlights the difference between sending out invites and getting a response. Sending out an invite isn’t necessarily a declaration that the invitee will attend.

She writes: “You may have to put a deposit down for your venue and it will be a waste of money if you are booking a spot for someone who doesn’t plan to attend.”

By organising the Christmas party early, business owners are ensuring the run-up to a festive office Christmas a lot more stress-free than usual.