Over half of business travel managers responsible for meetings programmes

New research indicates that business travel managers have branched out of the transportation market and taken control of their company’s meetings programmes as well.   

According to a survey of 183 senior business travel managers from the Business Travel Show (BTS), 58 per cent of travel managers have the final say on how much their organisation spends on meetings.

In 2011, the proportion of travel heads dabbling in meetings was at just 40 per cent, although citmagazine.com says this did rise to 55 per cent last year. 

Many of the travel managers claimed to have their company’s meetings requirements under control. However, 42 per cent of the group admitted to the lack of a strategic meetings management policy (SMMP).

BTS president Carole Poillerat told meetpie.com this proves her group still has a “long way to go” in educating business travel managers about the task they’ve seemingly inherited.

“The willingness of suppliers to help buyers in this way is there and we have to now help increase the collaboration of procurement teams internally. Travel buyers who suddenly inherit the meeting category need to better understand the similarities and differences with travel,” she added.

While there was still room for improvement, the study did at least reveal a concerted effort by travel managers to increase their understanding of the industry they’re moving into – as 59 per cent of managers were not operating an SMMP in 2011.