Parking sensors to cut time spent searching for spaces in London

Visitors to central London may soon find parking spaces much more quickly and easily as a new scheme that provides real-time information is readied for roll-out.

Westminster council will be the first to implement the new Smart Parking scheme, which uses sensors to determine whether or not a parking space is vacant or in use. Then, motorists can use an app to access this data and find – at the touch of a button – just where they can get a parking space, reports.

Not only is this hoped to make parking much easier for visitors to London, it could also significantly reduce both congestion and pollution, as motorists are not left with their cars idling or in low gears whilst they try to find a space. Currently, motorists in Westminster spend around 15 minutes driving around to look for a free space.

Whilst Westminster is currently alone in rolling out the scheme, it is doing so on a trial basis, with similar setups expected for other boroughs around London, should it prove to be a success. Many are expecting it to be a success, though, having already been scaled up from a much smaller trial which took place around Jermyn Street, Saville Row and St John’s Wood High Street.

Speaking of the potential that this scheme could offer, cabinet member for street management, Councillor Nickie Aiken told “Parking bay sensors are a simple concept that will deliver major benefits for people visiting Westminster as well as those living and working here.”