Partygoers 'over-glamming' this New Year's Eve

Many female revellers will opt for ‘over-glamming’ when they head to parties on New Year’s Eve, it has been noted.

Style commentator Rowan Pelling wrote on that the trend – which involves noticeably going to a lot of effort with make-up and clothes to produce an over-the-top style – is one that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age or beauty.

The type of event at which people are adopting this fashion is varied too: whether going to glamorous Christmas party nights or simply meeting up with friends, women are going all out.

Ms Pelling remarked: ‘Nostalgia for the Eighties is, of course, key to over-glamming’s popularity. My generation of women – now in their forties and fifties – first hit our fashion stride in the decade of power-dressing, where flash accessories and big, scary hair were part of every female’s armoury.’

In her opinion, there is something to be said for enjoying going over the top with one’s dress sense, particularly when outfits are often laced with irony.

Several other fashion trends to emerge in 2012 were highlighted by this week, including the growth in popularity of ‘statement trousers’, candy shades and bold prints. The website also suggested that 2012 was the year that leather made a successful comeback to the fashion world.