Passion and story-telling create the best events

Events that evoke a sense of passion and narrative creativity are most likely to create the long-lasting impressions with attendees.

That’s according to the Top Banana global events management company, which polled more than 400 communications professionals to see which kinds of event have the most impact on guests.

It was discovered that interactive experiences actually work best for delivering a strong message to delegates; with video and face-to-face question-and-answer sessions cited as the most engaging mediums, reports.

They fared far better than traditional Power Point presentations, which are said to lack user engagement and be decidedly less inspiring or memorable compared to compelling, story-driven presentations with visuals.

In fact, according to, 75.4 per cent of respondents agreed that building a strategic narrative both pre and post-event was an important key to success. A further 67.1 per cent meanwhile said that the act of story telling during the event was also important.

“The survey threw up some interesting responses, explaining why those responsible for creating and running these events face a complex challenge,” remarked Nick Terry, managing director of Top Banana.

A more interesting point for Mr Terry was finding that almost half of respondents have an event lead time of less than three months, while nearly a third are organising their event venues on a three – six month basis.

He added: “The events are clearly being used strategically, yet the time spent on preparation is tight and there is a strong perception that the ability of leaders to commit the time required to prepare fully is a significant problem.”