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Patterns to take over wedding themes

Patterns are set to be the main wedding theme for this year. While a colour has often made up the main theme, a specific pattern in an array of colours is the new trend for weddings. reports that while patterns in general are a hot look for weddings, ikat is a particular pattern that is extremely popular this year.

The slightly tribal, chevron-like design can be used on everything from invitations to name cars at the wedding reception venue. Some brides may even experiment with the pattern on their gown. reports that ikat has been seen in the catwalk shows of up and coming designers, showing the pattern is a sure thing for the summer.

While brides have tended to stick to a plain gown and one colour running through the whole day, this new trend for pattern could see them breaking away from tradition and mixing up colours.

Wedding shoes have also been seen with the print on, giving the wedding party a chance to incorporate the pattern in a subtle way, rather than having to go overboard with ikat-patterned gowns.

While bright colours have been incorporated for weddings in the warmer months, a monochrome version could be more fitting for a winter wedding, allowing brides to be on-trend, whatever the time of year their wedding is.