People turning to Italian cuisine at corporate Christmas parties

Christmas party bookings have soared, with an online booking service revealing they saw a 73 per cent rise in bookings for corporate Christmas parties this year.

As reported by Caterer Search, Friday 10 December was the most popular date for celebrating the Christmas season.

“It’s great for our industry that consumer confidence has returned to the extent that Christmas party bookings have seen such an increase,” said a spokesman for the British Hospitality Association.

However, it was also noted that the traditional Christmas dinner is losing popularity. Many people celebrating with a meal opted for tagliatelle and tiramisu over turkey and Christmas puddings, the firm claims.

In fact, just six per cent of the people who booked with the company chose a traditional British dinner. Italian was the most popular, with 62 per cent selecting this option, followed by 12 per cent who chose French cuisine.

This was confirmed by Jemima Bird, marketing director of a string of restaurants, who said: “Interestingly, it seems our customers are not only ordering from a Christmas menu, but plenty are requesting Italian menu options instead. It might be that they are happy to wait till Christmas Day for their turkey with all the trimmings.”