Perception and short lead times key to events industry

Perception and short lead times have been labelled as the main challenges facing the event industry in the short-term future.

Speaking at this week’s Summer Eventia 2011 event, sources from Barclays, Linklaters and Cisco all argued that both of these issues would have to be improved in order to increase the prospects of the sector.

Cisco global marketing manager Staci Clark claimed that changing markets has led to different attitudes with regards to short lead times.

According to, she said: “When we come to suppliers with what seems like a shorter lead time it’s a result of more cautious checking from the company’s top levels. It’s happening everywhere in the event industry.”

Responding to Clark’s comments, Linklaters’ global head of events Sharyn Hadfield added the need to do things quicker did not solely apply to those securing event spaces or function venues.

In the debate called ‘A Marriage made in Heaven or Hell?’ she claimed this need had spread across all industries and that the events industry had to react.

Adding to the debate with her opinions on perception, Barclays deputy head of events Emma Nielsen highlighted the importance of researching any company before approaching them with an offer. report that the array of speeches will be headlined by Glaxosmithkline director Sarah Meuer.