Personalised wedding rings set to be a key trend for 2013

Personalised jewellery is a huge trend for weddings in 2013, according to Everything from wedding rings to bridal presents are being given a more personal touch.

While jewellery has often been personalised, 2013 may be the year that the trend becomes more mainstream, with couples actually choosing to make their own wedding rings. A wedding special of the television programme, ‘Kirstie’s Vintage Home’ showed one couple being shown how to create their own rings.

According to, jeweller Rachel Jeffrey who featured in the show said that the demand for personalised wedding rings has been growing quickly, particularly since the show aired last November.

Once the wedding reception venue has been booked, personalising the room is often possible as well. Chalkboards have been an option for couples to write place names and menus as both a greener option and to reflect the individuality of their taste.

Couples are increasingly looking to make their wedding unique so are choosing to break the traditional trends with everything from food to themes. Making wedding rings by hand is a personal experience that is proving to be popular.

Some jewellers are now offering a bespoke wedding ring making service for couples looking to personalise their day as much as possible.