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Petition for direct rail link between London and Shrewsbury to be handed to MPs

A petition that has called for a direct London – Shrewsbury rail link has garnered 4,000 signatures, reports.

Network Rail has long been lobbied for a new link that would enable the people of Shrewsbury to get to London without needing to change at Crewe, Birmingham New Street or Wolverhampton. Twice in recent years, however, it has turned down the requests, claiming that the line would not be able to cope with extra traffic that would come from the addition.  

This new proposal, however, already has high-profile backing, with Richard Branson’s Virgin Trains having already said it would be prepared to run the twice-daily service.  

Now, a group of Shropshire MPs is set to deliver the 4,000-signature document to the government in the hope of creating this link once and for all.  

Supporters have claimed that a direct link between Shropshire and London would not only benefit the West Midlands, but also bring more people into the capital on work or social duties every day. Not only that, it could provide a whole new demographic for any conference venue in London to target, whilst also making a commute significantly more feasible. 

Commenting, Shrewsbury MP Daniel Kawczynski told “We are only one of two county towns which doesn’t have a direct train service to London and that has a detrimental impact on inward investment and tourism. 

“We are only talking about two, or possibly three return journeys a day, it’s ludicrous that Network Rail are saying the line can not cope with extra services.”