Photobooths becoming popular at weddings thanks to social media

A wedding expert has claimed that photobooths are becoming more popular at weddings because of social media.

Keiran Marquette, owner of US firm Sincerely Happy Photography, claimed that many couple are spotting the snaps on photo-sharing sites such as Pinterest and deciding that they too want them for their own weddings.

The entrepreneur, who added the service to her company two years ago, also said that the booths add a fun-factor to weddings and help to make them more distinctive. She told this week: “It’s definitely picking up because it’s something you can give your guests as entertainment.”

Marquette continued: “…if couples have the extra money, it’s something they definitely want to have. It makes your wedding more fun and unique.”

Meanwhile an article posted on this week talks about another unique wedding trend which is on the rise. Journalist Sarah Barns claims themed weddings are now definitely “in vogue” for nuptials.

Barns says more and more couples are looking to things such as TV shows and films to gain inspiration for the weddings. Some of the most popular themes she lists in the article include ‘Star Trek’ weddings, Barbie ceremonies and big days based on fantasy TV series ‘Game Of Thrones’.