Pippa turns party planner publisher

Party planner and sister-in-law to royalty, Pippa Middleton, has signed a six-figure book deal for her first book about throwing the perfect event.

After publishers were falling over each other to get their hands on Pippa’s advice, she is now believed to have settled on a cool £400,000 with Michael Joseph, an imprint of Penguin books.

Speaking to the MailOnline, a friend of Pippa’s said that the book would be varied enough to cater for most situations, whether they be in function venues or meeting venues.

“It will be about entertaining and how to throw the perfect party,” they said. “It’s not just about being the perfect hostess – it will also include recipes and information about how to host different types of events.”

The 28-year old won’t be employing a ghost writer either, she told friends. Instead, she is dedicating time every day to write several chapters whilst also continuing to work for her parent’s website Party Pieces, says Conference-News.co.uk.

The younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge has always maintained that her professional life would never interfere, nor capitalise on, her personal connections to the royal family. She seems to be true to her word, with ‘How to Be the Perfect Party Hostess’ set for publication in late 2012, after the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in June.

“Pippa has turned down the offer to be a lady-in-waiting for her sister and wants a career in her own right,” added the friend. “But she knows she can’t be seen to be making money out of her connections. Kate thinks it’s a brilliant idea.”