Plan late to limit stress on wedding day, advises writer

The best solution to avoiding bouts of wedding day stress is to plan small and leave booking things as late as possible.

A conventional suggestion it’s not, but writer Tiffany Guarnaccia says this exact approach helped her stay calm and focused in the lead up to her own ceremony.

Encased in her article explaining how she stayed stress-free during her wedding, Ms Guarnaccia – also a communications director at the website – said the plan was to host a small ceremony so she didn’t look as “stressed out” on her big day.

“I waited four months before our set wedding day to start planning everything: dress, venue and flowers included. At least I had the groom,” she wrote.

It might seems like a daunting task to keep track of everything inside this four month period, which is why always recommends that couples use online organisers like timetables and budget spreadsheets to keep on top of everything. 

Of course, some brides-to-be might not risk the chance of their perfect wedding reception venue or a recommended photographer getting booked up, but Ms Guarnaccia said there were lots of other tips they could take on board.

These included mixing intense workouts with yoga to find inner focus whilst attempting to lose weight. Ms Guarnaccia also told readers to take a deep breathe and step back whenever they feel worried about how they look in their dress, stating that brides often stress about their attire more than anything else.

Then when it comes to the big day, Ms Guarnaccia took to looking at photos of her groom and her together, thinking about their happy times and using all the memories to melt the “pre-wedding jitters” away.