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Planning a wedding more stressful for men than women

Grooms-to-be might have more of a stressful time when it comes to planning a wedding compared to their female partners, a new study has found.

According to, the study by Kalms revealed 23 per cent of men find planning a wedding more stressful than buying a house or having a baby; compared to just 16 per cent of women who thought the same.

The most stressful thing about wedding planning by far for both sexes was who to invite; as 44 per cent stated the wedding list stresses them out.

Breaking the budget is also another big concern – with 38 per cent worrying they might not stay within what they’re willing to spend. Closely following money concerns, keeping friends and family happy is another big problem for couples; with 35 per cent stating they get stressed about just that, reports

Sophia Davis, a life coach, said the study highlights the amount of stress big events, such as a wedding, can bring to couples.

“A good friend, coach or counsellor can help you to regain perspective on your situation and allow you to restore your belief in yourself to overcome your challenges and turn them into opportunities,” she explained. “Herbal remedies can also help during times of stress.”