Plans revealed for London's new 'Boris Island' airport

Designs and details of Boris Johnson’s new six-runway London airport have been revealed.

According to, although the plan is unofficially known as ‘Boris Island’ after the Mayor of London, the airport will actually be called London Britannia Airport – if it ever gets built.

Thames Estuary Research & Development Company (Testrad) estimates that if the plans for the project go through, the construction of the airport will cost £47 billion and could be completed within seven years.

However the airport will only become a reality if the ongoing Davies airport commission decides that a new airport is the best solution to deal with the increasing travel capacity in London. It is also a possibility that Gatwick or Heathrow could receive additional runways instead, reports

Testrad argues that London Britannia Airport would avoid the expansion problems of Heathrow and Gatwick because the new airport would be built on an island – therefore causing no disruption to residents nearby.

A new airport could provide a big boost to local businesses too, because of the new influx of business travellers and tourists it could bring to the city.

Bridget Rosewell, CEO of Testrad, said the new airport is needed to provide London with world city status.

“It also provides a solution to the challenge of incorporating London’s expecting growth in population of two million and a facility which can be linked to the whole of the UK while both the east and west of London will each benefit from regeneration,” she explained.