'Pop video' trend becoming a big hit at weddings

Couples who are looking for something different at the wedding are reportedly trying out a new ‘pop video’ trend, according to miaminewsday.com.

The new craze, which has been dubbed ‘marryoke’ sees the happy couple and their wedding guests lip-syncing to a popular wedding song, which is filmed for a short three-minute video. Footage of the ceremony and reception can then be woven in-between. It is thought that brides and grooms are turning to the trend as a replacement for the traditional wedding video.

Talking about the trend, Billy May, who runs his own marryoke service Marryokes.com, told dailymail.co.uk: “There has been a real shift in wedding’s recently. People are constantly looking for something that’s unique so there’s a real competitive element going on.”

He continued: [Couples] search for something different at their weddings, whether it’s with the flowers, or the cake, the wedding favours or the video. There’s also a social media element where people want to upload photos and videos of the day on Facebook or YouTube.”

May runs his company with wife Kate. The set up the firm three years ago when they made a wedding video as a present for some of their friends, which ended up getting 50,000 hits on YouTube.