Popstar Sarah Harding says planning a wedding is stressful

Popstar Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud fame, has spoken out at the stress she’s experiencing trying to organise her upcoming nuptials to Tom Crane.

Harding claims that the myriad decisions required, such as what type of wedding reception venue to choose, the style of dress she wants and where to go for the honeymoon are overwhelming. Reports have suggested that, due to Harding’s outgoing, wacky personality, she may opt for a more low-key affair, rather than the big white wedding many people choose.

“The more I think about it, the more I realise how much work goes into a traditional wedding,” she commented on Sky Showbiz.

“There’s so much to think about. It’s stressful,” adds Harding, who, when asked about her thoughts on dress said: “I think I’d like something fitted then I’d change into another dress afterwards. Sometimes you have to suffer for fashion, and I’d say Cheryl suffered on her wedding day in that tight dress.”

Reports suggest that Harding will have to cope with planning the couple’s engagement party, before throwing her complete efforts into the big day. However with reports surfacing that Harding has snubbed her bandmate, Nadine Coyle, by not inviting her, it may prove even more successful to arrange than the wedding itself.

A source said in The Sun: “The proposal was very private so they haven’t had a chance to celebrate with all their friends yet. There has been so much animosity flying around Girls Aloud in recent months, and Sarah and Tom just want this night to be about them. Most of the band has been invited though.”