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Popularity of Emirates Air Line wanes

London’s cable car service is waning in popularity, according to new figures.

Transport for London has reported that the amount of people travelling on The Emirates Air Line has almost halved in a year.

According to dezeen.com, just 25,046 people used the service in the week ending 21 September 2013, which represents a 47 per cent decrease compared to the corresponding week last year.

TfL was originally very happy with the amount of that the service, which launched last year, was being used. However, now it would appear that people are using other more traditional forms of transport to get to the event spaces and party venues London has to offer.

Dave Hill, who writes a regular ‘London Blog’ on guardian.co.uk, agreed that the cable car needs to attract a lot more passengers in order to justify its expense.   

In his latest blog post, he said: “It’s won a nice design award, was built with impressive speed and offers a view of London which, miraculously, shrinks the Shard. Alas, these triumphs of Boris Johnson’s cable car across the Thames – officially, the Emirates Air Line – are overshadowed by the daily, bruising banality of people deciding not to fly on it.”