Positive 2013 business travel figures to continue into 2014

Results from the Guild of Travel Management Companies (GTMC) showed that the final quarter of 2013 was positive for business travel and it looks as if that success is set to continue into 2014. 

According to buyingbusinesstravel.com, data from the GTMC revealed that transactions increased by seven per cent in the three months leading up to December, in comparison to the same period the previous year. Rail and air travel sales rose too, by seven and four per cent respectively.

Over the entire year, transactions saw a six per cent boost, reports e-tid.com. Car hire sales increased by eight per cent, followed by rail travel (five per cent) and air (three per cent). Sales of other services, such as currency exchange, ferries, visas and consultancy, rose by six per cent over the year, despite seeing a three per cent decline in the final quarter.

Paul Wait, GTMC’s chief executive, said 2013’s figures show that business travel is going from “strength to strength” and believes 2014 looks positive for business travel too.

“Now that the people holding the purse strings are becoming more optimistic, the overall economic outlook is positive,” he explained. “Confidence has a big impact on business behaviour and this attitude shift should deliver increased demand for business travel.”