Pre-nuptial stress causes family fights and sleepless nights

Wedding stress leaves 60% of couples falling out with friends and family over plans for their big day, reports The Daily Mail.

A study cited by The Daily Mail found that the pressure of keeping relatives happy is the biggest source of stress for couples, with over a third falling out with their families. A further quarter fought over the budget and 23% of brides fell out with their mothers as the big day approached.

“Most people don’t realise that planning a wedding takes anything from 250 to 700 hours,” said celebrity wedding co-ordinator Siobhan Craven-Robins. “It’s no wonder that tempers get frayed and differences of opinion become magnified, often leading to unnecessary clashes and fall-outs with those closest to us.”

Securing a wedding reception venue early will provide peace of mind to all involved with planning the wedding, and will alleviate some of the pre-nuptial stress from organising the big day. It’s pre-wedding stress that’s blamed for the major bust-ups that one in six people have with their partners over their nuptials. 11% of people said wedding planning was actually affecting their health, with a fifth of people reporting sleepless nights.

“This research shows that couples often lose sight of their own dreams for their special day in trying to please other people,” said Melissa Micallef from a wedding reception venue. “Making the most romantic day of someone’s life a dream come true takes a special type of person who is not only creative, diplomatic and meticulous, but above all a romantic who understands that every couple is unique.”