Prepare an agenda before a meeting, advises expert

Organisers should send clear meeting agendas prior to the event, according to advice from Elizabeth Grace Saunders.

Writing for, she confirmed that an agenda can help outline the flow of a meeting – as well as highlight which employees need to grace boardrooms, meeting rooms or special meeting venues with their presence.

It is also important for someone to take thorough notes on the discussion, the decisions and the rationale behind the meeting. This way, those who can’t make the meeting can stay in the loop.

Saunders admits it is also important for managers to make clear what they want to achieve out of every single interaction. This could mean spending more time on priorities, prep and follow-up, cites

If any employees don’t need to be in the meeting then cut them, urges Saunders, as too many employees can spoil the proverbial broth.

“I’m not here to make you feel worse,” she concluded. “But I do want to encourage you to start taking steps to not only fulfil your own responsibilities, but also to develop an awesome team. These strategies come from my time coaching work with managers on how to more effectively lead their teams – without working more hours.”