Professional hands needed to organise events, educator claims

An event can act as the perfect marketing tool, but trusting a work colleague to plan a professional gathering could prove disastrous. 

That’s according to Michele Clark, an educator in event planning for the Shlensky Institute, who believes that companies must hire trained specialists to “efficiently execute” their gatherings.

Ms Clark claimed that planning an event requires a great deal of time and commitment, which a full-time worker may not be able to offer. A professional on the other hand will be able to search for event spaces, send invitations and lay out stalls in their own time.

As reported by, the upcoming Republican National Convention will be organised by planning professionals – a point that large organisations in Britain may want to consider. However, this method may not be entirely cost effective for some.       

In her interview with, Ms Clark pointed small and medium-sized businesses, with perhaps less money to spend on their events, in the direction of staff training for workers with planning potential. Then, after securing an affordable programme, the business can go about utilise promotional events in their marketing campaigns.      

“Events have become an advantage for any businesses marketing strategy and when combined with an advertising campaign, it vastly increases the awareness and visibility for a product or service,” said Ms Clark.  

She added: “It gives your audience a love environment for your brand. The more people see, touch, taste and experience your product or service, the more you sell.”