Proposal planners becoming increasingly popular

It seems that planning the perfect wedding isn’t enough for some couples, as some are going one step further by getting the professionals in to help plan the proposal, too.

According to Mail Online, this latest craze sees proposal planning professionals step in and take charge. After interviewing the person proposing about their other half’s likes/dislikes, they come up with a creative plan for the big day.

It’s not as cold as it sounds though, as Michele Williamson explained. A representative for The Heart Bandits, a proposal firm, she revealed: “The client doesn’t just give us cash and say ‘Come up with a great proposal idea’.

“We interview the client and ask him a ton of questions about his girlfriend, how they met, and other special details about their relationship. The client spends a lot of time during this interview process answering questions most men probably couldn’t even remember.”

After collating his/her answers, Williamson will think of the back story and what would work best for the proposal, based on this. However the person proposing remains “very involved” in the process, she confirmed. It means that even if the bride or groom-to-be doesn’t have much involvement in the food, wedding reception venue or decor, at least they can be influential over the very first step of the process.

What’s more, it takes a lot of the stress away from the person proposing, Williamson confirmed on For example, if she agrees with a client that he/she will propose in a romantic beach-side situation, her team will pop down to the beach beforehand to set it all up.

It’s all about bringing people together, the planner said; helping make an exciting moment even more special.