QR codes will become crucial for events industry

QR codes will become crucial to success in the events industry, it has been claimed.

Speaking in a conference for key figures from the industry, branding expert Stephen Minall argued that QR codes are drastically changing the way the industry is working and that their influence is only set to increase.

He predicted that some 15 billion tickets for event venues would be distributed by iPhone by 2014 and that mobile devices would also become key to the logistics of business meetings and conferences.

According a review of the conference by citmagazine.com, he said: “Video communication, QR codes and mobile data capture are already drastically changing the way the world is working and this is filtering into the meetings, incentives, C&I.

“We are lagging behind in our understanding of how smartphones, iPads, laptops and other interactive tools can be used to transform the impact of conferencing and meetings.”

Discussing the topic in an interview with marketingweek.com, IBM director of marketing and logistics, Erv Jones, pointed out that QR codes can help those hosting functions to get information to their attendees in a far more efficient way.

He added that those running a function can make modifications to the information very easily without having to reprint a whole new set of leaflets or flyers.