Quality venue essential to event success, poll shows

The quality of event venues remains one of the most important factors when determining if events are successful, according to nine out of ten respondents to a recent poll.

Figures from P&MM’s METRIC report on the events industry show that venue quality is extremely important to 89 per cent of industry individuals, Event Magazine reports.

Impressively, it scored just as highly as pre-event marketing, adds CIT Magazine; suggesting that the secret to putting on a great event is having an active marketing campaign and a prize-winning event destination.

“The importance of face to face events is still very high and we should expect more events, higher participation and increased use of best practice communication tools to boot,” remarked Chris Clarke, director of events and communications at P&MM.

Of all of the marketing tools the event industry has at its disposal, social media seems to be the most embraced. Just under half (44 per cent) of all respondents in the survey of 400 firms said they employed social media to promote their event. Meanwhile, one in ten are trying out even newer forms of technology – like QR codes.

Sandra Collins, strategic communications manager added: “The face of communications has changed drastically in the last few years with the rapid pace of new technology and the rise of social media.

“We now have information on demand – 24/7. We have email, SMS, QR codes, apps, intranet, internet, blogs and tweets. Almost 90 per cent of event professionals recognise the importance of pre-event communications.”