'Quietways' cycling grid to be established in central London

Cyclists are being offered the chance to get around central London using ‘quietways’ and parks rather than the existing superhighways.   

Around 60 miles of quieter lanes are being launched with the aim of enticing more casual cyclists to get from A to B on two wheels, reports standard.co.uk. The feeling is that the busy routes are dominated by Lycra-clad, more serious bikers – which could be putting off someone who is in less of a hurry or perhaps not as confident on a bicycle. 

Danny Williams, who writes the cyclistsinthecity blog gave the project a cautious welcome, saying that the proof will be in the delivery – with safety, convenience and ease of use being central issues.

Meanwhile, London Mayor Boris Johnson was perhaps predictably much more positive about the project:”These are your secret cycling passages through London, taking you everywhere you need to go, directly and easily, using routes you might never know existed. The Central London Grid will, I hope, de-Lycrafy the bicycle, reduce testosterone levels of cycling and move towards a Continental-style cycling culture where cycling is normal.”

According to bbc.co.uk, the routes have been developed by seven central London boroughs, along with Transport for London, the Canal & River Trust and the Royal Parks. The area it takes in is approximately equivalent to Zone One of the London Underground.