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R2D2 and DNA strands among more esoteric wedding rings

Tech and sci-fi fans have sought to ensure their hobbies have pride of place on their big day with themed engagement rings and wedding bands, dailymail.co.uk reports.

For many years, self-declared geeks have indulged their passions even when tying the knot, with the likes of fancy dress or themed weddings often seeing everyone at the wedding reception venue dressed as characters from the likes of Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica.

Now, a trend has emerged that’s a little more subtle – themed wedding or engagement rings. One such ring is an attention-grabbing piece designed to look like R2D2 of the iconic Star Wars films. The statement ring is made using white gold for the body, sapphires to give blue accents and a diamond on top to finish it off. It’s not cheap, however, coming in at nearly £2,000.

Others include a wedding band designed to follow the double helix of a DNA strand or even a His and Hers set featuring the ‘male’ and ‘female’ ports of an ISDN connection. Chemists are also accounted for, with gold and silver rings coming emblazoned with their related numbers and symbols from the Periodic Table of Elements.

It’s not just science and sci-fi that’s driving the trend but also a love for more technical approaches to wedding bands. One example is a ring that has a large glass dome where the precious stone would typically be and a translucent image directly opposite on the other side of the ring. Then, once a light is passed through the glass, it refracts and causes the image (in this case a portrait of the happy couple) to be projected onto another surface, onenewspage.com claims.