Radio Frequency Identification could be used at UK exhibitions in 2013

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) could be prevalent at UK meeting venues and exhibitions next year after a success deployment in the US, reports

Up to 2,500 people per hour used RFID wristbands to enter the Fantasy Football Fest at the Atlanta City Convention in the United States, a two-day event about NFL fantasy football, according to Each chip identified attendees which ‘relayed data through readers on the portals’.

The producers of the wristband, Intellitix, are now in talks with UK exhibition organisers regarding the deployment of the technology at events across the UK in 2013.

Tom McInerney, director of UK-based event technology provider Etherlive, commented on the technology: “I can see it being a real game-changer for the UK exhibition market. We’ve not had formal conversations with exhibitions, but they are interested. They are waiting for the killer use-case, whether that’s looking at crowd flow monitoring or cashless payments.

“Exhibition organisers will start to look at events like festivals and want to use it as well. What they don’t want to get into is an arms race to have RFID, without knowing what they want it for. It’s not about the technology, but the fact of having a unique ID for each person and what value they can get out of that,” he added.