Reception lounges increase in popularity

Reception lounges are becoming more popular for wedding reception venues according to Having a comfortable lounge area is rising up the list of necessities for brides. 

With many couples having a ban on children attending the ceremony, they are usually more relaxed about the reception. Having a separate area for the children to all be together at the party gives the adults a chance to relax without worrying about their children.

Some brides have even suggested hiring a babysitter to take care of the little ones in the venue. But other wedding parties are asking for the lounge space for a very different reason. An cosy seating area away from the music and buzz of the main event gives guests an opportunity to take some quiet time in what could be a very long day. reported that guests like to be led to a separate lounge area for an after-dessert drink. Picking an unusual cocktail to go with the season and making the lounge area a devoted section for that drink may be a popular choice for wedding parties this year.

Chocolate martinis have been recommended for the colder months with something fruitier such as cosmopolitans proving a popular choice for the summer.