Recreate literary scenes at parties

Party planners wondering how to make their next event special could take inspiration from a National Trust curator, who recreated a scene from a Thomas Hardy novel.

According to the Dorset Echo, James Grasby was helped by professional dancers and a local artist in his bid to produce the Christmas party from the acclaimed author’s ‘Under the Greenwood Tree’.

The idea could provide inspiration for groups hiring out the party venues London has to offer, with stories such as F Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ or Noel Coward’s ‘Hay Fever’, potentially prompting aesthetic starting points.

For Mr Grasby it was much more than just an opportunity to let his hair down though, as he wanted to check the historical accuracy of Hardy’s tale.

He told the local publication: “The book describes a scene where a group of 14 sweating villagers dance in the parlour. We wanted to see if it was a scene from his imagination or if Hardy had based it on something that actually took place.”

This week, TNT Magazine gave people further encouragement to put on a party with an alternative style, pointing out that it gives everyone a chance to dress up.

The publication noted that lavish events can involve a great deal of “meticulous” planning, but it is all worthwhile when it comes to the night and party-goers are transported to another time or place.