Red tape dampening prospects of events industry

A government inquiry has discovered that cutting red tape within event planning could boost the industry by £12 billion up to 2020, reports

In a review of the UK events industry and its competitiveness on a global scale, the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) uncovered a need for more support from Westminster to enhance its prospects.

In a report based on 21 submissions from within the UK events sector, the group called for more local government funding for businesses along with the introduction of a special events visitor’s visa, making it easier for people to enter the UK to attend exhibitions, meetings and conferences.

The report also called for the relaxation of some of the procedures that planners are required to go through in order to gain bureaucratic approval for their events. The APPG says that by making it easier for companies to put on events, the industry could grow to a worth of £48.4 billion by 2020 – up from £36 billion in 2013.

The report said events “have so much to offer UK plc” by positioning Britain as a “centre of commerce”, creating inward investment opportunities and selling UK products to international markets.

Cited by, APPG highlighted that the majority of its suggestions would not involve financial backing and that most of the money would come from the reduction of interventions that decrease the industry’s international competitiveness.