Registry office for McCartney and Shevall

Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevall will be married in a registry office, the pair have confirmed.

After recently announcing their intention to be wed, the couple has now refuted claims that the wedding will be a big affair; claiming it’ll be a “small” celebration at a registry office.

The bride-to-be revealed the news when talking to an American reporter, which the Daily Mail confirmed. She told them that it would be mostly family on the guest list, but said she didn’t know “the exact date.”

Shevall also added: “And don’t ask what I’ll wear, because how dressy do you get to stand before a Justice of the Peace in his chambers – which is exactly what we’re going to do.”

McCartney’s fiancée was also hesitant to confirm any other details, such as any function venues they were considering for the reception; however she did speak of what would happen after the pair were betrothed.

Shevall claimed: “I’d love to live here [New York] but it’s probably England. I still have a job here so I’ll commute once a month.”

The businesswoman went on to describe her engagement ring, which has been subject to much speculation over the past few days. The 51-year-old divorcee said it was a “vintage 1925 Cartier engagement solitaire diamond,” and that when McCartney handed over the ring, it was “a total surprise” to her.

Her comments came shortly after The Telegraph asked why McCartney would consider getting married again, after being burnt with ex-wife, Heather Mills. However the newspaper claimed that it was McCartney’s “traditional” values and “deep-seated love” for Shevall that were the deciding factors.