Registry office weddings on the rise

More people are opting for registry office weddings in a bid to curb the expense, according to a London Borough council.

The number of couples tying the knot this way has increased by 16% year on year. One reason for the rise is that “people [are] choosing more low-key venues to help save money,” says BBC News.

Alternatively, many couples are re-evaluating the real meaning of marriage and opting for smaller, more meaningful ceremonies, then finding a great wedding reception venue to celebrate with friends and family afterwards.

Another reason for the increase could be the numbers of celebrity nuptials that have taken place in venues other than a church. David Walliams, Barbara Windsor, Sylvester Stallone and Joan Collins have all been married in registry offices. 

One particular London registry office has seen provisional registry bookings shoot up from 1,762 in 2009/2010 to 2,056 for 2010/1011.

Superintendent registrar, Alison Cathcart spoke to BBC News about the turn of events: “These figures suggest that despite the economic doom and gloom, people still want to get married, but they now seem to be looking for a cheaper alternative to the traditional and somewhat expensive church wedding.

“With so many historic and unusual venues available, booking a registry office has proved to be a really popular option for people looking to get married or have a civil partnership.”