Reindeer most requested Christmas party guest

Reindeer have overtaken Santa as the most-wanted guests at Christmas party venues and weddings this year.

That’s according to a couple who specialise in loaning the winter beasts out for special occasions.

Angie and Martin Flint have argued that interest in reindeer is at an all-time high and they are struggling to manage all the bookings coming their way, reports

Google backs up the Flints’ statement too. Over the last two years searches for the the antlered animal have increased by over five per cent against those searching for Santa.

Angie, a former new media company director and Martin – an ex-policeman – say that their flock of 20 reindeer are inundated with requests to appear at all kinds of events; for clients of all ages.

One customer even asked for Santa’s pals to pull her wedding carriage along, said the Flints.

The couple claim that their reindeer have been busy since August and don’t expect bookings to slow down any time soon. They revealed that central London is the most popular place that they travel to from their Leicestershire Farm.

“We take 10 of the males out, usually in teams of two or four, and they seem to really enjoy the travelling – they just sit down in the livestock trailer and relax,” said Mrs Flint, who runs Real Reindeer Ltd.

“We’ve done a lot of winter weddings, with everything from having the reindeer greeting the guests at the reception to delivering the bride in a sleigh pulled by reindeer.”

The reindeer even do celebrity events, adds British Business Finder. As well as Christmas parties, the herd have appeared on ‘Celebrity Come Dine with Me’ and even visited Downing Street.