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Renewing vows proves popular

The number of wedded couples in the UK choosing to renew their vows looks to be increasing, one journalist has claimed.

Writing for, Joanna Moorhead claimed that renewals appear to be gaining in popularity, even if exact figures haven’t been collated.

Whether it’s a declaration of continued love or a meaningful renewal having reneged on original vows, couples have chosen to renew for myriad reasons – with some even doing so in their original wedding reception venue.

Renewing vows, which was once seen to be the preserve of celebrities as a way of eking out as much publicity as possible, is now thought to be gaining in popularity among all sorts of couples, not just the rich and famous. Whilst the numbers still pale in comparison to that of wedding ceremonies, it is thought that one per cent of all services are now vow renewals, reports.

Furthermore, the ceremonies are snowballing when it comes to popularity, as many of those opting for the service doing so after being a guest at a friend’s renewal service. Head of registrations at Lancashire County Council, Steve Lloyd, explained how, in his experience, most enquiries come in the wake of a similar ceremony which then prompts others to follow suit.

“You often find that people booking to renew their vows have been to a similar ceremony where friends have renewed theirs,” he explained.

“Whatever the reason for doing it, there clearly is a reason – and that means there are invariably strong feelings running through the ceremony. They’re always meaningful, whether it’s just the couple themselves or a huge group.”