Repeat key points to avoid confusion in meetings

Executives should consider repeating and clarifying points at meetings to make sure all attendees understand, an expert has claimed.

Connected Manager columnist on Wayne Turmel explained that such occasions benefit from a “facilitator” who ensures that everything goes to plan and people leave having got the right message.

One obstacle that a facilitator may be required to deal with at conference centres is when a speaker has not been sufficiently clear, according to Mr Turmel, who pointed out that attendees may have simply not been able to hear them or the issue might be to do with what they were actually saying.

He said: “One technique I’ve learned is to always listen as if you’ll be called on to repeat the key points … because as a meeting leader you often are.”

In his experience, it may even be necessary to help a person clarify what they are saying before they have finished, so as to “help them help themselves”.

According to Concordia University academic Amy Smith, it may help people to know exactly when they will be called upon to speak. The department chair for the establishment’s Curriculum, Language and Literacy programme explained on that this will give them plenty of time to prepare for their presentation.